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Do I have lupus?

Hi there. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 30, but had symptoms beginning at age 28. I also have autonomic dysfunction & chronic migraines. For the last month I have noticed LOTS of pain in my joints (toes, fingers, elbows, shoulders, hips (especially) name it). And I've been even more tired than normal. I have pain with my fibro but this feel very different. Twice this week I've gotten up in the night because pain is so bad. Does this sound anything like lupus?

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Joint pain is a common symptom of lupus, but it can also be a symptom of many other conditions. Have you mentioned it to your doctor? Have you been tested for lupus in the past?

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I am 41years old. I have had lots of sickness my entire life. I had a Hysterectomy at 25 an I use to get spinal taps for my back an migraines. The past two years I have had stiff swollen joints lots of pain. Some sharp stabbing an some listings few mins to hours like every heart beat the pain would be sharp burning nagging pain. First my stomach swelled like I was 9 months pregnant, hard an painful. Doctors thought I was impacted. It went away a few days later lots of nausea an cramping. Well my legs started to swell looking deformed. Then arms hands feet an face. Had feelings that my bones was breaking the pain was deep an painful to move. Throat swelled lots of reflex. Some choking me.feeling of throat closing something sharp poking me. Started getting very hot skin getting red like I was Sun brunt. Then would blister. Have pockets of fluid on my spine and back swells an knots up every time I move. Had to pour alcohol on me an put ice packs an wet cold towels for many hours to get it to stop. Doctors say that'd nerve damage. I have Fibromyalgia an Spinal sinuous an scoliosis an IBS an sever anxiety. I weighed 134 this time last year. Every time my body would burn an swell I got bigger everyday. Pain has not stopped. Still swelling no matter what I do an some times looking deformed. WHAT IS THIS?? Has anyone ever heard of this. I've had many test an Lupus test always negative but autoimmune test all positive. Can't exercise or stand in a spot for a few mins my back an legs want to give out. I've got pictures if anyone needs to see. My Doctors are stumped. Been to Neurologist an Rheumatologist an I'm getting worse everyday dealing with the pain . I've got two children 18 an 21. Bout to be a grandmother in September. An I can't hardly move. Please any suggestions or Info. Thank You...


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