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Struggling to stay in work due to illness constantly being signed off sick again by my Drs.. I have been refused my pip so appealed against that today but no idea what I'm going to do.... I can't sit at home every single day an not work but I need to put my health first now.. We all have bills to pay and a house to look after but I don't know what I'm going to do about money!!

Does anyone else work from home which is legit or making money any other ways?

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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with work and going off sick. I went through this for two years. It caused major stress on top of the already massive stress of being sick with lupus, which in turn made my condition even worse. Such a catch 22 situation.

Here's how I see it ( and I'm sorry if this comes across so directly). The problem at the moment seems to be that you cant maintain an attendance to your work due to your health. This is not your fault, it's this crappy disease. Could there be a solution whereby you are able to change jobs into a less demanding role? I know it's not ideal. Trust me on took me 18 months to finally accept that my highflying career was on a major back-burner, if not completely over due to my health. However, I took a less demanding role, less pay and slightly less hours. And yes, much less glamorous! You know what? I am managing. It's really tough to accept and trust me I really, I mean really did not want to accept it. But I am now in a sustainable job, able to keep my house and pay my bills. I just have to be a tad more careful with money.

Examine your thoughts, can you possibly take a job that you know would take less of a toll on your health, perhaps a job you wouldn't normally go for in order to get rid of that financial stress? It has really helped me and actually I wouldn't want to go back to my old job now. I loved it at the time but I need to look after me first.

Just some of my evening time ramblings. I hope they help. I'm sure there must be a solution out there somehow. Best of luck xx


Hi Leanne

Sorry to read how you are struggling to stay in work. This illness makes it so hard. I hope you have done your pip appeal thru the CAB, fingers crossed you get it. The CAB would also do a benefits check to see what other help you could be eligible for and help you apply for it. Worth a try. I agree with happy tulip how you might have to change jobs or reduce your hours to cope. Have you a spare room you could rent out to help pay your bills?. Hope things improve for you health wise. X


Hi there , I had to give up full time work which was very well paid but too demanding. I was very ill and spent months in hospital during that last year. Each time I tried to return the stress of the job made me ill. I had pneumonia on and off for nearly 2years. In that time I was off sick and I was so lucky as a firm I dealt with in my senior position offered me a part time job as receptionist. I'd done that role many years ago and full circle I did it again. My friends said I'd never do it, but I did. No real stress, hours to suit me and time off for all usual appointments and paid sickness. I was so lucky . We cut our spending and we managed. We'd always kept within our budget thank God so we managed. I know how lucky we were it happened like that but some of us get too ill to work at all in the end. I had to give up when I was 59 as things got very bad and after a fight I got pip. I'm now retired and still on pip, one of the last people to get still get it over the age of 64.

I wish you the best of luck but if you are able to get out to work, do so, as its better than staying in on your own feeling ill and isolated. Things will have to change but although it will be different you will embrace it in the end, as I did. The illness is an on going challenge don't fight it as we have to change with it. Xxx


Hi, I'm in a similar position, I'm at university at the moment, and when I finish I will be self employed. Most of the work I do from home at the moment. There is no way I can work full time now.

If you can get pip, you would get a grant for college and you can apply for a loan to help with finances until you qualify.

I hope you find a way that is most suited to you. Wishing you all the best. X

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