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Methotrexate, withdrawal and side effects pattern

Hi users of methotrexate and/or Prednisolone,I have been off of methotrexate, for about 3 months, now.I tapered both methotrexate 10 mg once per week, gradually each month by 2.5 mg.As well the Doctor had me tapering the PRed. Now, I am aware that the body is quite tricky in it's greed to be supplied substances it has become attuned to.I have, I consider, a strong willpower, so I have so far resisted the need to go back on the Methotrexate.Whilst this has been going on, I have noticed, in absence of the weekly dose of Methotrexate, my system is producing, the same or very similar symptoms or side effects as my body did when on the weekly dose, especially during the first months of taking methotrexate.Now, I theorize that, somehow this Methotrexate, whilst endeavoring to lower my immune response, which in my opinion is really what is going on with people, rather than the much touted scenario of lowered immune response, is rewriting within my cells, a kind of immune responsive memory.Has anybody else considered similarly?

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