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start cellcept

hi my friends l have SLE For 13 years also I'm 30 now.I was taking 7.5 prednisone, hydroxyclorchin 200 untill 18 mounth ago after that my GP prescripted Azaitropin50 for me.i had Locopenia after 6 mounth of taking Azaitropin also I decriese that and I tooke day by day until now. Today my Gp stop Azaitropin and prescripted Cellcept 500 three time a day but I have a fear of Start Cellcept becous of said effect specially I afraid of cancer due to Cellcept.if every one tooke Cellcept?

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I was on azathioprine, methotrexate and sulphsalazine at different times but I now take mycophenolate /cellcept 750mg 3 times daily.

Since taking I have noticed that I do not suffer from that morning stiffness in my fingers an feet.

My overall pain is slightly less, but I do find that it builds up during the day and I find that my fatigue is more a problem, but I think I just noticed it more because I'm not in so much pain.

When I started the cellcept I suffered from nausea in the mornings for a few weeks and I think it causes increased migraine like headaches but I'm managing these OK at present. I have 2 monthly bloods now and they have been fine.

I've yet to find any medication that doesn't have some side effects or cautions, but cellcept is working for me at the moment.

I recently had to have a break from it due to a respiratory infection, and after a week I had stiff joints, daily painful muscle cramps, and increased swelling in my joints. This was inspite of the increased steroids.

The longterm effects of any drug has to be compared with the longterm effects of untreated lupus in my opinion, but you must make your own mind up.

I hope this helps a bit, good luck with your treatment, whatever you decide 🍀


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