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Lupus Marthon

Lupus Marthon

Next Sunday on June 12, my Daughter who loves to run, will be doing a 1/2 Marathon in Atlanta Georgia in the U.S. Each runner pays their on entry fee, and then they raise money from individuals and businesses. This run is to raise money for the Lupus Foundation. The money is used for research, treatments and to find new medication for Lupus patients.

I for one say Thanks to all the runners giving their time to help us with Lupus to hopefully live a better less painful life!

This photo is of my Daughter.


"The Barefoot Gardener"

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Please wish you daughter the best of luck from all of us with her half marathon. I hope it goes well and she manages to raise a lot for the cause. I'm sure you will update us with how she gets on.


Hi Tiras, sorry had some problems with logging in, all sorted now.

Have you tried Toms with Marmite and sometimes Tom, Cheese and Marmite, if you get Marmite. Nothing better than home grown tommy's it's the smell I like, I know it's the vine that makes the smell but love it love it love it. Let's see more pics please from "The barefoot gardener"

On another note isn't your daughter beautiful, she has that kind face, wants to help people. You didn't tell us her name. Does she have a site where she can be sponsored as I would be happy to add my name to her sponsorship form. If so private message me. It's wonderful that she and others and doing this, we need to raise awareness and raise money also to help fight this thing. I know there will be no cure in our life time but we are helping sufferers of the future and by the time we pass over hopefully they will have found a cure for those coming behind us.

Take care Tiras

Love Nicola. 😎 Xx

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I don't think there is a way to go wrong with Tomato sandwich, cheers, onions,

Especially bacon, lettuce better know as a BLT sandwich.

I love a fresh tomato on a sandwich with fresh hot pepper out of the garden also.

I will send you a privet message in a few.


"The Barefoot Gardner"


Your daughter is gorgeous! Am wishing her all the very best for her fundraising's great when our loved ones are able to understand our health issues & be supportive. I'm on a little hols staying where I'm stuck spending a lot of time with a sister in law who tells me that everyone has lupus & I'm a hypochondriac (and I haven't even mentioned my health or lupus once)....meanwhile she tells us lots about her many illnesses and how greatly she suffers. In the past I've struggled to keep calm in her company, but this time I'm doing much better: thanks to lupus forum friends like you sharing stories like this one about your daughter's support, I find it much easier to just ignore my s-i-l

Please say hi your daughter, thank her for me & wish her 🍀🍀🍀🍀

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I will let her know!


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