Need to lose weight for my big day 👰!

Hi everybody ! This is my first post. My lupus fell asleep 7 months ago after leaving me with 0 white cells and a massive pulmonary embolism that almost killed me! Thank God I'm doing great with methotrexate, warfina and hydroxicloriquine ... Thing is I was on prednisone for 7 months and gained a lot of weight !! I'm off since March. But now, I got recently engaged and getting married in 3 months with a wonderful man and I really need to lose weight without doing much physical activities because I can't force my heart and lungs 😰 Can anybody please give me any advice ? Thanks in advance 😘

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  • Hi eriLu,

    Congratulations on getting engaged! Have you discussed your plans to lose weight with your doctor? They will be the best person to advise you about safely losing weight, taking your health conditions and medications into consideration.

    If you are unable to engage in certain physical activities because of your heart and lungs, it may be worth discussing with your doctor or a physiotherapist what exercises you can do. Physical activity is important for your general health and wellbeing and is usually required in some form for healthy weight loss. We wrote an article about lupus and exercise for our blog earlier this year. You can read it at

    Please check with your doctor before trying any diets. Many people are not suited to particular diets, especially if they have an existing health condition. In lupus, the only recommended diet is one which is healthy and balanced. You can learn more about lupus and healthy eating in our booklet at

  • Thank you very much !! I appreciate your advice :) I'll have a look on that information

  • Paul

    Great info about eating healthy :)

    Do you have anything for us with lupus nephritis? While on steroids I gained 6kgs (about 15lbs) in 3 weeks, but I'm not sure lose them keeping a protein intake low. Dilemma.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi 1sam,

    The advice is still to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Sometimes when there is kidney involvement weight gain can be caused by water retention. It may help some people to reduce the levels of salt in their diet.

    If you would like more information about lupus and the kidneys, we have a booklet which you can view/download here -

  • Congratulations with your engagement📯🌹💑!

    Pauls' advice is very sound on diets. We cannot follow every diet as our bodies might nog take that.

    What a fantastic feeling to have a partner who loves you more than earth and will be there to support you in de lesser times.

    I wish you happy times!

  • I follow slimming world eating plan. The weight is falling off.

  • Thanks, I will search about it :)

  • Move a little more, eat a little less. Ta Da !

    Hi, I'm a fitness instructor with Lupus. Make changes that suit you and that you can stick with (most of the time). So don't think about it as exercise, just think about doing things you can do and enjoy. Maybe that just means using the stairs more, or ask a neighbour if you can walk their dog, or walk with them. Or maybe a gentle swim is more your thing?

    Eating: what suits you? Smaller portions maybe, or maybe you know you should snack less, or maybe you know you could eat better, or maybe you always drink fizzy drinks and if you switch to water that will be an excellent start....

  • Thanks a lot ! I'm going back to my swimming twice a week and have smaller portions. I don't drink fizzy juice or alcoholic drinks... But it is true that I've been eating a lot of sugar 😳 My fiance and I stopped eating sugar last Monday 😁... Would be great to train with someone who understand our position. Cheers !😉

  • Weight loss is mainly about what you eat 70 percent food 30 percent exercise. Keep that in mind. Good luck. I've lost 2 stone in the past 5 months but i did see a nutritionist and a personal trainer. I never thought i would change my eating habits but i have and this time its for good.

  • Thanks ! You are right, I just moved to he UK ... How expensive can be a nutritionist ? Gracias !

  • Well i do the fitness and nutrition plan and i pay about 80 pounds per month. Where abouts are you in uk?

  • Glasgow :)

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