Happy Times

Happy Times

Well not only am I gardening now but, my Grandaughter who lives with Laura and I, is in "chick chain" 4-H program. For those of you who don't know what 4-H is, it is a program for kids who are in school to teach them about agriculture and farming Here in the U.S. (We live in the state of Alabama).

Yesterday we picked up her 18 baby chickens. If all goes well they should start laying eggs in about 6 months. At that time we should start getting 12 to 18 eggs a day. She has to keep records of how much it cost and how much if any she brings in.

So enough about our problems lets look it the happy times for a few minutes. Laughter and smiles are the best medicines.

I may have to add Barefoot Farmer to the list now. LOL


"The Barefoot Gardener"

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  • Tiras,

    Are all of the chickens the same kind? The yellow and the brown, too?

    My mother grew up on a farm near Chorpus Christi, Texas. She wasn't in 4-H; it was during the Depression and her family was just trying to survive. She was very proud to have grown up in a farming family. In comparison to other people in her community, she felt blessed that her family always had enough to eat.

    I live in a suburb of St Louis, Missouri. My next door neighbor keeps two chickens as pets. They do lay some eggs for her, too. They roam her yard but never leave it. She sets out little piles of fruit here and there around the yard as treats. She told me that she also feeds them chicken! 😳 I found that somewhat horrifying but I'm sure they require protein in their diets, too.

    Good luck to your granddaughter with her chicken nurturing!

    And, Tiras, you are so right to keep focusing on all the happy things and blessings in your life!!

    I hope your foot is feeling better and you are well.


  • Lorelei;

    We have 6 of each of these

    Barred Plymouth Rock

    Rhode Island Red

    Silver Lace Wyandotte

    We have 3 different kinds.


    "The Barefoot Gardener"

  • Lorelei;

    Thank you so much. We each must keep going regardless what we may face with our medical issues. If you have read only of my post, then you know I have not been able to wear shoes (July will be 2 years). I have learned to adapt and over come. Yes it means that I go and do everything barefoot, the bottom of my feet now are so tough that I can walk on any surface (rocks, hot asphalt, cement, etc) and it does not bother me. It's kinda funny, I have been barefoot for so long it feels natural and now I don't even want to wear shoes. My pout is life goes on no matter what the issue. Go with and do the best you can.

    Yes I have been blessed by our Heavenly Father, way more than I deserve. I try to help everyone that I can. That is one reason I'm in the lupus study. If the research Team can find answers to help someone else down the line, it is worth all I go through. I would want someone to do it for me!

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

    Oh, good to hear from someone else from the U.S.



    "The Barefoot Gardener"

  • Hi Tiras, your granddaughter looks very comfortable with handling the chicks, I feel sure she will do well.

    Just a little reminder though, that perhaps with family photos or personal posts you should lock your post. As they are at the moment anyone on the internet can google your name and all your posts and replies will be available to all and sundry.

    I was shocked when it was brought to my attention, and have since deleted my posts when I see them. I hadn't realised how much information I had put out there.

    To lock your post, scroll down, click edit and then Community only, if you click Everyone, your posts are not locked. This also means that any replies are also unlocked and many members are reluctant to answer an unlocked post.

    I had originally thought that Everyone meant all on Health Unlocked, it is NOT, it means EVERYONE, whoever and wherever in the world they are.

    All locked posts have a little padlock alongside the title.

    Sorry if you think I am being a bit picky, just want to make sure all posts and replies are secure to this community only.

    You can do this retrospectively by following the instructions or I am sure someone on admin will help you.

  • BlueBell99;

    No I did not know this, thank you for the information.


    "The Barefoot Gardener"

  • Bluebell99;

    I found out how to do what you were saying. Thank you so much for sharing that information. I was lim you I thought only the people in healthunlocked could see post. Again thanks so much.


    "The Barefoot Gardener"

  • Hi Tiras

    You are very welcome. I wish HU would lock the posts as a default but apparently they use them to advertise the site. I think too they still use the first 40 or so letters even if the post is locked so be careful how you start.

    I am also on the Fibromyalgia site and they are pretty hot on security and some members put a bland " Hope you are feeling better..." type of post to get around this.

    I am surprised that on some other communities, members share quite intimate and personal details without realising it can be read worldwide. The Fibro admin tried to raise this concern with HU but were told it's up to members to lock as they have that option.

    Still, now you know how to do this, hopefully you will spread the word!

  • Bluebell99;

    I did make another post and locked it.

    Again THANKS!


    "The Barefoot Gardener"

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