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Lupus nephritis

I have been in a flare for quite a while now. Had chemo not helped now on on new meds and then they say I will be having fusion... Rhummi says my kidneys are not handling well at the moment and have appointment to see renal, I've tried to explain to my rhummi that if I wasn't in so much pain with my back and I didn't have constant hangover headaches I would be able to handle my lupus better. I have constantly badgered her for MRI on my back and head but says it won't help.. My lupus has given me fibromalgia .. Auto immune hepatitis.... Lupus nepharitis.. I struggle with my breathing... Skin rashes ... Light sensitivity ... And the fatigue at the moment is really hard to handle ... I've been looking into going private for the MRI ... I work full time and have to save my holidays for all my hospital appointments .. Not sure what is to become of the nephritis and how to deal with another complication 😣

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Lupus nephritis is serious so I am glad you are seeing a renal specialist. It can be treated so good luck. Hope you get help with all the other problems too.


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