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Hi all. I have posted on here before so many of you know me.  I started with Underactive Thyroid, then Lupus was discovered and recently I have been told by my Specialist that I have now also developed Sjogrens. Sometimes I get so down on it all wandering what Autoimmune disease they're going to label you with next. Still trying to cope with the Lupus implications not got my head round the Sjogrens yet! Doctor claims I am depressed and has said I need to take Citalopram. I always swore I would never be a person who relied on antidepressants & now look at me. Truthfully speaking they are working as I'm not weeping at everything now so must be a bit grateful although it grates. 

I've been looking into available disability aids as some days I need more help than others. Sometimes for the most simplistic tasks. 

If any of you use disability aids in any shape or form I would be interested in ones you find the most beneficial as I'm not very up on these things. 

All info gladly received x x

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You need to see the Rheumatology Occupational Therapist as they will assess you for aids. On my first visit I was given wrist and thumb splints, a step ro get into bed and a wheelchair. On the second visit my needs had changed and I got a perching stool for the kitchen, a chair for the shower and cutlery.  You can also have a look on and waysandmeans.Co. uk

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Hi hollydebs

Sorry to read you've now been diagnosed with Sogrens. It's a lot to come to terms with so give yourself time. The trouble is once your diagnosed with one auto- immune illness , others can follow. That's happened to me over the years. Don't feel badly about taking anti-depressants, it may only be to help you over this tough time and some do have added pain relieving benefits as well. Lots of TLC and keep posting. X

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