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The darker side of lupus #6

Is when after posting, the funny side of lupus for my amazing hydrotherapy session, which I enjoy immensely, I find myself sitting in the lobby at 4am because my bodys reaction to hydro is so overpowering that all I can do is sit upright and hope the fire pulsating through every nerve ending, creating pulses, spasams and excruciating pain eventually stops in time for breakfast!

For me, hydro is a wonderful way of feeling the weight of gravity lift from my body, allowing my body a short rest from the pain of everyday pressure placed upon it.......... the trade off is the after effects....

You know that the pain, tears, anger and frustration will follow such a wonderful 30 mins of weightlessness, relaxation and comfort but I do it every 6 weeks for a 3 day period because each session, although wonderful, gruelling, relaxing, painful, exhausting and expensive (yes, I pay for it as the local hospital hydro is now in patients only due to cut backs)...... makes me aware that I am still feeling, still alive and still capable of feeling and doing with every part of my body........(u never know, I might even be able to pluck up the courage to ask the hunky lifeguard out on a date... lol)

So.... its now 5am, the codine and paracetomol are kicking in, its dark outside, the lobby has only me and the wonderful night guard, who brought me tea and biscuits in it........ and its only 3 hours till breakfast and 5 hours till my next hydro session.

Do you think I could ask the local authority to put a hydro pool in my back garden????? answers or suggestions on a postcard to Cornwall Council please.

May your next night shift be a little less painful and the sandman allow you the luxury of a few hours sleep.

With much love my night owl lupies. X๐Ÿ’–

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I so understand amandalilley, I swim , well not swim but move around in our warm pool water but always feel the pain afterwards. Swimming is not good for us! Love your humour! If you don't laugh you do cry ๐Ÿ˜…




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