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Hi, looking for a rheumy please

Hello, I have aps and lupus like symptoms, my local rheumy isn't tremendous. Lol

Anyway, I've been recommended a professor Bruce, at Manchester Royal infirmary

But the gp secretary can't find him on the system.

Can someone confirm he is still there and accepting patients please?

I've phoned but it's answer machines

Thanks for your help

Ally Robinson

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Doesn't appear he has moved, and getting that link was hardly difficult.

Try the email address and see what happens.


I see Prof Bruce at Manchester Royal Infirmary. I had my first apt last Oct. He was brilliant. Fight for your referral to him :)

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Hi all

I have had 3 appointments with a rheumatologist at halton and never even got me coat off. I have all lupus symtoms blood clots underactive thyroid spf 50 every day in any light pain mainly in back and hips plantar fasiisis so have crutches and stick now but did 1 ana test which was negative and said i dont have lupus ? Oh yeh i also have butterfly rash which is confirmed as cutaneous lupus.

I have asked gp to see someone else and would like to see dr bruce also. Take care all xx


Hi Paula,

Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble getting a diagnosis. Did the Rheumatologist offer any other solutions? Do you have any further appointments booked?



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