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Went to see R/Consultant 30th January got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia on the basis of my symptoms, repeatedly spoke to him about my butterfly rash and swollen glands and asked if it could be Lupus but has said that he wasn't sure and diagnosed Fibro. Part of me still thinks it could be Lupus as well.... not sure if I should speak to GP about it and if so would I need to see a different consultant.

Any advise would be appreciated

Many thanx

Jo xx

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Hi Jo.

Welcome to the community. If you'd like a free information pack about lupus then you can request or download one here: lupusuk.org.uk/contact-us.

If you aren't happy with your doctors opinion then you are entitled to a second one on the NHS. Could you ask him to refer you to a different rheumatologist?

Also, have you had any blood tests done? If so, do you know if you were tested for anti-DNA antibodies? The anti-DNA antibody test is highly specific for lupus so if you haven't had one done it might be worth asking for one. You can find more information about this test in our factsheet 'LUPUS: The Symptoms and the Diagnosis' here: lupusuk.org.uk/publications.



It would be better to see another Rheumatologist - just to be on the safe side. It doesn't sound like the one you saw covered all the bases.

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