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Hi I'm a newbie

Hi all my name is Clara and am new to the site. I have had under active thyroid and been treated with thyroxine since 1995. It would appear I have gone ' over active' according to my blood results and the doctor had altered my dosage. Instead of 200mg per day to 150mg per day.

I haven't been very well over the last month or so, muscular pains especially my hands wrists and ankles. I wonder if there is something more than thyroid issues. Does anyone have experience of similar symptoms ?

I am currently signed off work as I am constantly exhausted.

Glad to have joined this site :)


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Hi Clara,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community! If you'd like a free information pack about lupus then you can find one at

How recently was it that you saw your doctor? Do you currently have a diagnosis of lupus?



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