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How did your diagnosis start?

Recently, I've been tracking my progress and understanding more things about Lupus & what it does to the mind and body.

How the attack started on my body:

Fear of everything but mainly dying. I would fear my life and began to worry about everything. Then I couldn't sleep, had a temperature & really bad nightmares.

Attempted suicide, was admitted into the hospital & then let out after 3 days.

Began hallucinating and was admitted into the hospital for 5 days and finally was diagnosed with lupus.

What lupus does to the mind & body is absolutely ridiculous.

I need to file for social security disability but I'm afraid and sometimes I feel like I can work.

How did you become diagnosed?

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Hi BrittneyP

I'm sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble with your lupus. We've got a wide range of publications available online that you might like to take a look at. Namely, we have a factsheet called 'LUPUS and the Brain' that could be of interest. These are all available here: lupusuk.org.uk/publications.

Are you currently receiving medical treatment?



My symptoms were very basic, at 17 years old I started getting joint pain in wrists and ankles that just kept getting worse. I was always very anxious and had social anxiety due to a learning disability and being sexually abused growing up. I was also bulimic till I was 24 years old which didn't help the stress I was putting on my body. Finally after 2 years of complaining I got diagnosed by a GP when I was 19. I had no family support, no one understood the illness. Now I am 50 and can say I've lived somewhat of a good life other than the occasional flare and weird symptoms along the way, but nothing that has hospitalized me or kept me from moving forward. I like the person lupus made me. I've met a lupie who also has lupus related to the brain and know it had not been easy when she first was diagnosed, stay strong and this scary time will also pass. This site is amazing with positive people going through similar things and you will get support here.


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