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Flare up or what

Hi everyone not been on here for a while. Although i follow everyones posts. At the moment I've been feeling flu like symptoms since last week Monday. I've not felt ill like this for a while. Not been to the doctors yet as sometimes i think it'll be a waste of a trip. However i dont seem to be feeling any better and its a week today. The fatigue is unbelievable. I just want to stay in bed although I'm not doing and still trying to do some chores. My chest, back and ribs feel sore but not so sore that i can't breath so i feel a bit confused. I've been taking paracetamol and lemsip and doing lots of steam inhalations as i was having terrible headaches. been off work for 4 days and have to go back in tomorrow. Any advice would be great.

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If there's no improvement with paracetamol, t might be the beginning of a flare. you don't say what meds you're on - you might benefit from adding, or if you're already on them, from increasing, steroids. I'd go for a week of say 10mg increase, to knock this flare out before it takes hold.

Obviously check with your GP about it but I'd say is your best bet.

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Thanks for your reply purple top. I take 400mg of hydroxychloroquine everyday and 75mg of aspirin.

I'll call the gp tomorrow and see what she says.

I signed up to bootcamp. I went for 1 week and last week i couldn't go. I've done 6 weeks of it before the xmas break so its not new to me. I'm wandering if i push myself this week to go will i be killing myself or doing myself a favour. Sometimes our bodies react differently and its so hard to decide which way to go! 😣


Do yourself a favour and get some steroids into you for at least 2 weeks. During that time just do gentle stuff, like stretching and breathing and weight bearing but not much cardio. Otherwise you're delaying the recovery. My view.

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