New brand of plaquenil and migraines

Hi can anyone help me?

Been swopped to the new zentiva brand of hydroxychloriquine... And unfort suffering really bad migraines for last ten days. Nothing else changed. Most people telling me these tablets are exactly the same but I had bad allergic reaction to quinoric before and basically seem very sensitive to fillers. Do these tablets have different fillers? Or are they exactly the same please?


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I had a lot of problems with side effects from Quinoric now on Hydroxychloroquine from Zentiva which seem to be working but it took weeks for me to get over the symptoms of the Quinoric. Hope you feel better soon


Hi, as far as I'm aware they're exactly the same. I could only tolerate the plaquenil brand and when they changed to zentiva my GP said that they'd just been taken over by a different company but were the same thing. She writes on my prescriptions that I'm only to have zentiva now.

I hope your horrible migraines improve soon.

take care xxx


The active drug will be the same but the bulk of the tablets may be different. There may just be an ingredient that you are reacting too.


Our pharmacist searched for a similar drug to plaquenil when they stopped giving that one on prescription and called me to say she'd found one, it was zentiva. I've had quinoric and it made me ill with diahorrea, stomach cramps and nausea. Had to call my gp and get it changed

The zentiva's been fine for me and the pharmacist assured me it was the same as plaquenil, had no problems with it. You should speak to your doctor :) or persevere and see if it settles down

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