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Awful abdominal pains linked to my bowel I think... I need food intolerance testing


Hi, I have lupus, hypothyroid, ic, adrenal insufficiency and now starting with abdominal bloating and cramps when I eat alongside chronic constipation only alleviated by many laxatives. Sounds grim, and it is. Managed to get treatment for most of my issues apart from my bowel issues and there seems to be a real lack of interest if you are not losing blood or habits have suddenly changed.

Never had bleeding and nothing has changed suddenly, just gradually. I think that I struggle with high fibre foods as if I eat healthily the pain is awful. Been tested for coeliac disease due to my inability to store iron and it was negative so I need to move this forward without the NHS to start with.

Does anyone know of a good home testing kit or clinic in the Yorkshire area that runs food allergy/intolerance testing???

I would be really grateful of any help as I am eating quite a restricted diet and am forever anticipating pain.....

Many thanks


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Hi Leuann133, l have sle lupus hypothyroid raynaulds , ect; and l am suffering the same symptoms as you. I have had every test for everything, l am having 4 biopsies tests in 3 weeks to make sure it is NOT coeliac disease. But my Rheumy specialist and my gastroenterologist both think its the lupus attacking my digestive system. I am having some special bloods done and a stool test being done to confirm this. I do feel for you as the pain ans suffering from constipation is an utter nightmare. If you want l will let you know how l get on, l should get results of some of the test by 1st Feb when l see the specialist for results.

I have tried many things to ease these symptoms, the only thing l found which helps a bit is to eat very small meals often. As normal size meals just get stuck in the gut and go know where. Hope this helps a little. Please keep in touch. Lucymay.

Cann in reply to Lucymay

I am the same and I eat little and often of whole food - shame we can't all get to the bottom of this - there are so many of us now!

Have to reply to you as it is gastric pain and associated probs I am struggling with right now.l went to GP today due to the intense pain in upper abdomen with concern that meds were causing pancreas or liver probs and inability to eat most of my usual healthy things .He has given me ranitidine tablets to take as well as the lanzoprasole as he believes it's the lupus causing overwhelming acid .He is also referring me for full abdomen ultrasound to double check for any organ enlargement (already enlarged spleen last 12 years) so really hoping it can be sorted out as I really do think the gastric side of things isn't given the attention it should be and it is hard to stay healthy and upbeat when food is tell bent on going ten rounds with your insides like a sick demented pinball machine!

I know that doesn't give you much help but just wanted to say you aren't alone with this and sending you hopeful healing wishes you find a solution soon.

Have you tried a bio-energetic testing practitioner or a vega-test allergy test?

Most health food shops could recommend someone, I would think or ask around.

I also saw a kinesiologist who tested me, too.

I live without grains, dairy and additives and preservatives, but do have a problem with too much high protein - eggs, etc. I only have them about twice a week.

I have plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as beans and peas - no lentils.

My GP suggested a York test, I think it was from Higher Nature, but didn't want to prick myself.

My body is very reactive to any invasive or toxic stuff.

I am also electro-hyper sensitive.

I had adrenal exhaustion and was given homeopathic ACTH which helped me.

It is not an easy life especially as I have had a lot of teeth out, but I was allergic to filling material and my body has and is ejecting crowns one by one, so either dentures of toothless in future, but have to keep positive.

I also had homeopathic Thyroidinum and Iodum for my thyroid - hashimoto's thyroiditis which I still use occasionally from muscle testing.

I use Hashimoto's muscle test taught to me by the brilliant kinesiologist I sought when I was very ill with IBD.

Don't know if any of this is helpful to you as we are all different, but I seem to know most of the time what I can take and can't now.

The cold and extreme heat affects me, so I keep moving in the winter as much as possible including gardening, housework, walking, etc. and try to get as much daylight as poss. for the vit. D - very important.

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