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Help with PIP


I am Nikki . I have been having pain all over with skin rashes on face scalp and other body parts. I have glaucoma and retinal detachment. I also suffer from recurrent hit and incontinence. I am off work since 1 October and don't think I will be able to go in for a while. My dermatologist thinks I have lupus as blood results say weak positive. My GP thinks I have lupus and fibromyala. She refers me to a rhuematologist

I have just applied for PIP but I dont know what to expect . Can anyone tell me what they think? How long is waiting times for assessment and chance of being successful?


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It's meant to take about 2-3 months but can take longer

If you are off work you should have applied for ESA not PIP. You should contact your local CAB for help in completing the form. Their is also a lot of very good online support as well.

Good luck



I would suggest you go to the website it's a site which explains how to complete the form and what they look for in an assessment.

They do ask you to pay a subscription but honestly it's a godsend. There is a forum too where all questions are answered. You really need to see it or as the previous reply said go to your citizens advice bureau, and they too will help.

But you really need to tell them every ache and pain as they don't want more people on benefits, so they are out to dismiss people as quick as that. But also send copies of medical letters and appointments, anything that will back up what you say is wrong with you.

Good luck and I hope you get to be successful.


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You qualify for PIP depending on your abilities/what you can do, not your condition/what diagnosis you have. You ONLY qualify if you meet the strict criteria and score enough points - if you struggle with:

- Preparing a simple meal

- Feeding yourself

- Getting dressed

- Washing yourself

- Going to the toilet/managing incontinence

- Understanding spoken language

- Getting out by yourself

- Making decisions

- Managing your money

- Walking more than 50/200m

Google 'PIP criteria' to find useful info from the DWP and Citizens Advice, and I agree the Benefits and Work info is good too.

Good luck!


Thank you for all replies.

I do struggle with daily activities such as cooking and cleaning as these are painful in my fingers and joints. My husband have to do these for me.

Thank you I shall have a look at the benefits and work site as Georgie63 suggests.


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