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Dryness back

Hi not diagnosed yet but so far Raynaud's resting tachycardia chronic pancreatitis and all sjogrens symtoms. On plaqeunil and adalat. Felt a bit better since stating the plaqueil especially the dryness however all the dryness and especially the female dryness is back with a vengence. Any ideas was on holiday two weeks ago and feel a few things are coming back nose ulsers also. Thank you.

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Hello circles. My feeling is that your medics need to look more closely at this dryness & flaring symptoms

Maybe my medics' approaches can help you prep for talking this over with your medics. For what it's worth:

I too tend to flare after strains, eg after holidays....more about this below (I manage this with pred tapers)

My gyn female dryness treatement plan involves daily bidet soaks in Emulsiderm liquid emollient (on prescription) + Replens MD every 2-3 days (also on prescription, but available OTC at most chemists). Together, these make a HUGE difference to me/us. I have to maintain this gyn treatment plan whatever systemic meds I'm taking for lupus...but, interestingly, while I was off daily hydroxy for 4 months recently my autoimmune gyn issues flared (Lichen Sclerosus, treated via the Emulsiderm + the Replens, and also with the powerful topical prescription steroid dermovate every other day)

My nasal ulcers are managed via regular Neil med sinus rinse products, recommended by ENT, and bactroban antibiotic ointment on prescription. I do seem to have less nasal ulcers now I've been on daily myco for almost 2 years (I take hydroxy + myco daily, with pred tapers as necessary: eg I usually start a pred taper if I'm feeling fragile before going on hols....and certainly I'll start a pred taper if I flare after a hols - a low dose 10mg 4 week prednisolone taper gets me back into reasonable shape)

Hope you'll let us know how you get on



Hi Circles,

I also use Replens MD but I have to use it for at lease 3 days before it's effective and then I use it every other day when I'm not in a flare (and that's a regular occurrence).

Chewing gum to stimulate my saliva especially if I'm not at home as this also helps to keep my breath fresh (dry mouth, can cause bad breath). I also use three different artificial tears (eye drops).

I try to have a bath once a week (when my husband is at home, so he can help me out).

I usually put bath oil in the water and then soak in the bath.

For nasal dryness I have to use KY jelly because I use oxygen, I can't use any oil based products. I don't have nasal ulcers.

Take to your Rheumatologist or GP who should be able to help with any products that you can get on prescriptions.

Hope this is of some help.

Blessings xx

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