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Meeting with HR and my team leader

Hi all

Hope everyone is well. Im just after a bit of advice about my working hours and how I approach a meeting I have.

So I started my new job in January, I'm pretty happy there. My manager referred me to occupational health due to my lupus, and my back problems. In the 8 months I've been there ive had two sickness absences (one for 2 days, one for 3 days), and this is a lot less than people have had for colds etc so I've not done badly so far.

Anyway, the occupational health doctor was really helpful. I have received his report and he's been very supportive (I didn't actually go in requesting anything, I merely just answered his questions). At work I am required to work 9 to 5 three days a week, and 8-4 two days a week (with an hour lunch) and then we all have to do a 10-6 shift, supposed to be once a month but lately it's been every couple of weeks. My journey to work is an hour and 20 mins on a good day (including a train and drive) so the 10-6 shifts are a nightmare for me. The doctor recommended flexibility in my working and pointed out my journey is long. He recommended home working on some days, but I don't think on my current team this can be accommodated. What I would rather do is work fixed hours, say 8.30 to 4 with half an hour for lunch.

But my question to you all is... I just want some tips on how to best make my case. I dont think I'm asking for anything unreasonable, but I know others on the team will possibly not be happy about it (not that it's their business). The thing is I never ever wanted to be in a job where I don't get home until 6.15 / 7.15. The truth is on those 10-6 days, I get up to take pain medication anyway so I'm already up early and working til 6 makes it a long day. I have no time to do anything after work and sometimes I just have toast for dinner.

How much information do you think I need to give? There are actually people that work similar hours just because they want to, so surely I have good grounds?

Any help appreciated :) x

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Just a suggestion. Before you make the request direct to employer, run it by occy health first and if they think it is a reasonable request, ask if they will write to employer supporting your request.

Its very difficult trying to balance work, home, illness as well as keeping in with "the team" I hope for your sake you find out you have an supportive and understanding team. I'll follow your journey with interest. Take care. Babs x


Hi natal1a,

I'm please to read that your Occupational Health Doctor has been helpful and supportive towards you. Do you have an appointment booked to discuss your case with your Team Leader and HR department?

If you think it would be helpful to you, i could send you our Employment Guides as they feature some helpful information regarding the workplace along with some useful contact details of other supporting organisations.

Just let me know your full name and address by sending me either a private message, or email, and i will post them to you.

Alternatively you can download them from our website here -

Best wishes,




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