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Rosacea or a Lupus Rash?!

Rosacea or a Lupus Rash?!

Hey lovely people- I'm still waiting to see the new rheumatologist after a not so successful visit to the last one! This time I have been keeping a diary of symptoms and pictures. The last week I haven't been feeling great, tiredness is overwhelming and just feel like I have the flu. Anyways I seem to get this rash on my which is always worse when I'm feeling under the weather- it feels hot when I'm unwell as well.

Does this look like Rosacea of a lupus type rash? Want to know whether to mention to rheumi when I see him.

Thank you so much x

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Mention it, of course, however, it needs to be diagnosed by a dermatologist. In my case, I developed a Malar rash and Rosacea and was diagnosed with both. My dermatologist said it's pretty common for a Lupus patient to develop the Malar rash on top of rosacea because of how we react to inflammation. The rosacea is treatable. But this is a sign to avoid the sun on any part of your skin at all costs. So, welcome to a world of expensive facial creams. La Roche Posee has a wonderful 70 uva/uvb tinted sunblock that covers the redness.

See a dermatologist. And let the redness be a guide...when it pops up it means slow down.

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Thank you so much, I am hoping the rheumi will refer me to a dermatologist. Seems to have gotten worse today just feel so unwell!

I am fair skinned so I like the idea of the creams your recommended, thank you :)


Me too. I am a redhead and very pale. Not too happy about my new red face. I will say there tons of really good products for coverage.


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