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Waiting times?

Hi all,

I have just found out that apparently pain consultant has left all appointments cancelled. Just great Not! They wrote to my gp ,obviously didn't want my quiet accepting reply by contacting me?,and asked them to re refer to pain clinic as confusingly consultants can not refer in house only gp can.So gp tried to do choose book but guess what can't.They have had to send details to hospital so in three weeks time when appointments are opened they can then send me an appointment which will be in 18 weeks time ,which by the way is the target limit.So it will then have been roughly 6months wait for urgent referral for my CRPS as arm already inch and half smaller from muscle wastage Has anybody else experienced this?

Tried calling to see if shorter waiting at other hospitals but couldn't get put through directly ,not a surprise,so going to ask physios advice on the 14th.

I know its not my Lupus probs but folks I need some friendly words to calm and distract as yesterday called for more bloods as results from last week showing up "something we want to double check" .l think they may have finally realised I am a bit

OK nuff said and hope you are all having good days


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This specific 'delay dodge' (an appt being postponed due a consultant I'd been booked with leaving a dept) hasn't actually happened to me YET, but, over the years, plenty of variations on the theme have.

What I can say is that within the past 18 months I'd also been told by a consultant at a hospital clinic that only my GP can refer me on to another clinic. AND then, within a matter of months, i'd been contacted directly by the head of that clinic saying I'd just been referred to another clinic direct. Since all that happened, I've learned on this forum that direct referrals to a second clinic do happen when the matter requiring this sort of direct referral is suspected to be sinister and involves the specific condition under treatment at the first clinic. And my GP has confirmed the system can work like this

My feeling is that being called back for a closer look at bloods can be a god experience of this revved up last feb and has hugely helped my medics focus on better understanding my individual version of both autoimmune conditions & my immune system dysfunction. I too was spooked by learning something needed to be looked at again & again etc at first, and i had to work hard to keep calm & carry on...and this particular aspect of my bloods results continues a significant concern, but gosh it feels great to know my medics have their eyes more wide open to the implications of what's always been underlying my weird health

Am sure you'll get some good replies

Keep that funny bone doing its wonderful job


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My funny bone must be boomerang rubber because just when I think had enough and throw it it comes bouncing back to keep me with an overcome and adapt mind set.Mind you think it looks a little dog chewed this morning 8).

The problem with blood tests now is right arm veins given up after years of tests and left arm CRPS makes them a grueling experience

Thanks for reply its lovely to know someone who really understands is listening.

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One more thought:

Am increasingly aware that when you have a good case to argue, contacting the secretary or the specialst nurse in a dept to query a situation (eg a delay in circumstances like yours) can sometimes hit your jackpot. As with any lottery, the odds aren't great, but this sort of direct appeal can work...and has worked for me several times over the years....even when I've had to take a punt at phoning secretary of nurse I've never actually talked to before. Before I call, I jot down the case I'm going to present so this consists of 3 clear, concise points....and I try to stick to this script


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