Exercise....how to do it without having to spend the next two days in bed...thoughts?

Before I got sick I used to swim, golf, ski and play backyard hockey. Now if I just "lillydip" in the water for more than 20 minutes, I can't move and need help out of the water. Its like I am paralyzed. I was thinking of trying yoga...even if I do the poses in bed ...before bed....thought it might be a start. I am not a small girl. ...but I was always active and have lost weight since I got sick...so I don't think its a weight issue.

Thoughts? I love hearing about folks getting back moving again...but for me...I have a cane for very small walks (I become weak and often can't feel my feet) and a scooter for bigger excursions....like malls.




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4 Replies

  • I find exercising in a pool uplifting...ha! Water holds u up nice, and you can do different exercises....just walking in a pool helps. I also bike ride a little. Not as much as I use to. But you are sitting as well, and not so hard to peddle If u put in low low gear. I try to do a little something everyday. If I don't have the energy, I don't beat myself up. I rest. Use to do yoga. Hard for me these days. Joint pain, etc,...even Pilates I have a hard time with. I do the moves I can, and pass up ones I can't. Listen to your body is my suggestion. Take care

  • If you find 20 minutes too much then do 10 minutes. 10 minutes is better than nothing and in time you may manage a little more.

    Gradual increases is key. And I'd say have at least one day off in between exercise days to recover until you feel stronger.

  • Hi Hockeymom12, A while ago, Paul Howard posted this video


    which may be helpful. I agree with lupylass, small steps!

  • I'm the same way if I simply go with my dh to buy groceries I pay for it for two days if I'm lucky

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