20,812 members16,527 posts to do it without having to spend the next two days in bed...thoughts?

Before I got sick I used to swim, golf, ski and play backyard hockey. Now if I just "lillydip" in the water for more than 20 minutes, I can't move and need help out of the water. Its like I am paralyzed. I was thinking of trying yoga...even if I do the poses in bed ...before bed....thought it might be a start. I am not a small girl. ...but I was always active and have lost weight since I got I don't think its a weight issue.

Thoughts? I love hearing about folks getting back moving again...but for me...I have a cane for very small walks (I become weak and often can't feel my feet) and a scooter for bigger malls.



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I find exercising in a pool uplifting...ha! Water holds u up nice, and you can do different exercises....just walking in a pool helps. I also bike ride a little. Not as much as I use to. But you are sitting as well, and not so hard to peddle If u put in low low gear. I try to do a little something everyday. If I don't have the energy, I don't beat myself up. I rest. Use to do yoga. Hard for me these days. Joint pain, etc,...even Pilates I have a hard time with. I do the moves I can, and pass up ones I can't. Listen to your body is my suggestion. Take care


If you find 20 minutes too much then do 10 minutes. 10 minutes is better than nothing and in time you may manage a little more.

Gradual increases is key. And I'd say have at least one day off in between exercise days to recover until you feel stronger.


Hi Hockeymom12, A while ago, Paul Howard posted this video

which may be helpful. I agree with lupylass, small steps!


I'm the same way if I simply go with my dh to buy groceries I pay for it for two days if I'm lucky


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