Hard stools

I am aged 57 years male with diabetics from past 10 to 15 years of course under control.But from past two years I am having initial problem for easing out early in the morning.I experience very hard stools. Once it comes out sometimes i have to help myself with my finger in the Anus.then I will have a free motion. Can any body suggest a Laxative so that hard stools will not be formed . Even If i use Dulco lax initially sensation will be hard then free motion at times loose motion I am experiencing

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  • I too experience this. My GP has prescribed Laxido powders and they work well. In fact it is the only thing that works for me. Good luck

  • thank you even I shall try Laxido powders .

  • Hi Christy. I hear you.

    Having had the same problem and tried and tested most things on the market I eventually found that keeping well hydrated, eating things like the skins on fruit and not peeling them and drinking a blend of green tea you enjoy really wave the problem goodbye.

    Try loose green tea. Investigate different blends and having a couple of cups a day have been of enormous benefit to me. Research the net to find blenders of tea and if any are attending events near you. My supplier is very knowledgeable and the tea is not that expensive compared to the meds you can buy over the counter.

    Remember to drink lots of water. I use squash but only to just flavour the water not have it strong.

    Hope this helps you


  • I Drink loads of water, add sesame seeds to yogurts, porridge etc. and I have fybogel sachets in water twice a day. I do suffer badly with IBS and this regime helps my stomach spasms. Lynda x

  • You've got really good replies so far...not much I can add, except if you eat cereals in the morning, think about making yours an unsweetened muesli and add a heaped dessert spoon of Milled Flax Seed + use natural bio yogurt instead of milk...if poss include chopped dried prunes & figs in the mix.

    You can get milled flax seed, dried figs etc at most whole food stores e.g. Holland & Barrett..or even waitrose

    Hope you'll let us know what helps you most

  • Try and go down the 'natural' route. Plenty of water, fruit, fibre, veggies etc. Much much better than using laxatives. These are completely unnatural and do not resolve the actual problem, they just mask it. You should try to find out why this has happened - could it be meds, diet, lifestyle? Good luck and try and avoid those laxatives.

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