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August's Blog - Maria's experience of changing diet

August's Blog - Maria's experience of changing diet

This month we have welcomed another person with lupus to share their experienced on changing diet and lifestyle. This month's story comes from Maria who feels she has benefited a lot from some changes to her diet. Thank you Maria for taking the time to share with us.

I have been diagnosed with lupus since 2014. I have discovered from my personal research that certain foods can cause my lupus to flare up. Examples of foods that cause me to flare are: cream, alcohol and processed foods.

I found that by trying to avoid these foods I would become more energetic and less exhausted. I also noticed by eating spinach around twice per week and having blueberries for breakfast at least five days per week it helps relieve my brain fog. I believe that certain spices have also contributed towards my well-being; turmeric, cumin and curry have been added to my weekly diet.

Recently I had a consultation with my rheumatologist and my blood tests show that my lupus activity has decreased. My doctor thinks that the medication has helped me but in my opinion it is my diet. I am still working but have reduced my hours to 24 per week. I am socialising better than before, within my capabilities. I rest as often I can and still have some joints problems otherwise I am okay.

I would like to state that some of the changes to my diet have been made based on conversations I have seen on this website and others from my own experimentation. I am currently taking Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice per day.

If you are interested in learning more about lupus and healthy eating, our booklet can be viewed online or downloaded from

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Me, too, I use many different herbs, too, especially to help with infections which can lead to flares including thyme, sage, oregano, etc. as well as the spices you mention and dietary changes. I find muscle testing is so important to gauge the right amount I need, too.


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