Hi everyone I hope you all have a good weekend painfree I hope...... I went to see my consultant on thusday and she has referred me for another CT Scan bloods and barium swallow but she seems a little

Confused with the amout of chest pain i get and also lung pain (i had pneumonia april 2014) does anyone else suffer chest pain .... I was diagnosed with Lupus earlier this year. It feels heavy and gritty when i take a deeper breath than normal if that makes any sense to anyone. Thanks for reading and hope you all have a good day x

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  • Hi and hope your tests cvome bacvk ok and at least it's good your consultant is trying to find things out to help you .I understand the sort of chest pain you are feeling.I had pleurisy couple of times then when pain didn't go had scans and was told have costochondritis which is an inflammation of the tissues,muscles in your chest so !ight be that.Anyway hope things improve for you soon


  • Thank you for replying to my thread.... I will goggle this and she what it is! This is all new to me 😝

  • I hope your tests are OK. Many lupies get muscular chest pain but that gritty feeling sounds different. The ct should show any lung problems and barrum swallow if its digestion. I know this sounds lame but I have found Pilate's breathing has really helped both my muscles and lungs. Good luck.

  • Hope you are doing ok. I too get chest pain and this is a new symptom for I was taken off Hydroxy chloroquine (eye are doing something weird, may just be age though) a few months back that I have been on for 10 yrs and then everything seemed to start from there. I've had chest pain on exhalation for the last 7 years due to a virus, my guess is because nothing was ever found. this has improved to the most part although scar tissue remains. On imuran still for 25yrs but dose was upped recently with going off and had a few set backs with leg pain and chest pain when this took place, but this seems to have settled down and only the chest pain remains. goes from one side to the other of rib cage, high, low, all, to one spot, daily changing. On exhalation as well. I've had pleurisy many years bck, but nothing feels like that did. Recent xray showed scar tissue generalized and pneumonia in lower left lobe but nothing else so antibiotics were given for that. I go to specialist at end of month so I want a bit of info to go in with. It feels like my ribs are wired together when I breath and restricted, but no sharp pain like pleurisy did , but still pain. I don't get on here often, but I will read what comes out of this. I plan on looking up what was mentioned in the thread though to find out more. Good luck and I hope they put me through more tests for this also.

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