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To every single one of you who have replied to my "Rhumy visit",, I just want to say a MASSIVE Thank You for your input. I am starting to feel a lot more positive about starting Plaq. This group has been a great sounding board for all of us. I will let you all know if I have good or bad results. So on that note, I will sign off and start my day here in Australia. I hope you all have a pain free day, lots of love and hugs.


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You have a good day too Rhonda - glad you are feeling well and positive . I too am quite new (diagnosis 5 weeks ago) to all this and very grateful for my friends on the site in fact it's my life line . I am still struggling with the whole thing but it's great to hear positive stories makes me more determined - Thankyou Jane xx


Dear Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! My frustration - for more than four years - is trying to explain to people - especially my own husband - is what Lupus feels like. I don't think one out of 5 understand when you have a "fatigue" attack, that it doesn't mean you are just "tired." That's how people conceive it. They don't get that we feel "sick." For more than 4 years I've heard "I'm tired too." How can we make people understand??? Why isn't there more communication to the public about the difference between tired and fatigue?


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