Lupus or not?

Im new at this. After I had my first son I had horrible joint issues and high ANA, Dr's said it might be Lupus. I have always had joint pain, even as a teen I thought it was normal. Pushing through life, another child, more life....Thyroid disease, then 15 yrs of ovary issues, cysts, tumors, and more. Then miracle baby in 2010, more bad issues. THEN...started getting strange sores in nose, off and on in 2013. Then total hysterectomy last Oct, Dr said was one of worst they had seen as my organs had fused to my cervix. Specialist called in as my bladder had to be peeled off my cervix, took all my girl stuff out. SO, I have not been well one month since! My body went crazy, pain pain pain. Joints, sores in nose, throat for a whole month. Flu, chest pain, EVERY month something. NOW, I am dealing with stomach pain and horrible Rib cage pain, ankle, hand and more joint issues. Yesterday had the craziest brain fog, dizziness. Did have some blood work come back with positive something, not ANA but a different one Dr said I need to see a Rheum Dr . Anyway, I cant get in to even see a Rheum Dr. Does anyone else have the Rib cage pain and brain fog?? Feelin a little crazy and lonely. I just want a firm diagnosis, not that I WANT Lupus but this had been on and off for 25 yrs!Ugh.....

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Hi caron1968,

How come you are not able to see a rheumatologist? Won't your GP refer you?

Would you like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed? We have a free info pack that you can download or order via post at


They are book up until Dec! Im calling and trying to see others with no call backs. just waiting.


Keep trying other rheumatology clinics to see if you can get an earlier appointment, but it may also be worth booking that appointment to start with. Sometimes you are able to get in earlier if there are cancellations.

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