Palidromic arthritis


I have a question about palidromic arthritis.

Can it lead to Lupus or rheumatoid arthritis? There is not alot of info as not much research has been done on it.

I was diagnosed with coeliacs 11yrs ago and it seems my problems started then.

Unfortunately I cannot carry babies after 8 weeks due to my immune system, I have had both hips operated on recently to remove cam legions (hip impingement), my shoulders, hips knees, neck and wrists are showing degeneration. I have had cortisone injections in nearly every joint of my body and found some relief but it doesn't last very long.

I have been told by my surgeon I have got 5-8 yrs max before I need to start having replacements, I am only 35.

Has anyone got the same problems? I am on plaquinil which has helped with the palidromic but my joints are still crunchy (only word described what they feel like)

Sometimes you can feel quite alone as no one really understands so you put a brave face on and say yep I feel fine today when really you feel exhausted, emotional and frustrated with your joints

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Hi Pickle33,

From what I have read Palindromic arthritis (or Palindromic rheumatism) is a separate condition from rheumatoid arthritis or lupus and presents itself quite uniquely. It is an autoimmune condition and therefore the likelihood of developing additional overlapping autoimmune illnesses is increased but this will not necessarily take a particular path and I'm not aware of further association with RA or lupus than this.


I have Lupus (SLE) also Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder with Pulmonary Fibrosis and just over a year ago I had awful pain in my knee after bending down I could not move for some time and eventually a non emergency ambulance had to take me to A@E. The doctor there said I needed a knee replacement and gave me two crutches to help me walk.

A few weeks later I say my Rheumatologist who said it was Palindromic Rheumatism, I had no treatment for it just told to rest but it comes and goes and I scream out loud or silently and just rest as much as possible.

All the usual drugs that has been prescribed including the one you are now taking gives me awful side effects so now I have been given the funding for Rituximab infusion which I had the first one last week and will have the second one next week.

I pray the pain will go quickly as the drug starts to work for you and it will not come to joint replacements yet.

Lots of love xox


Hi maureenpearl I have everything crossed that the infusions work for you.

With all these medications its trial and error to see what works and luckily the zentiva has taken the edge off the pain, I just feel it in the background most of the time. Now and again the pain can get really bad.

Keep me posted on how you get on

Take care xxx


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