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Macular degeneration

Hi hope you are as good as you can be

I had my yearly eye test at the opticians after she finished she told me she was seeing something and could she scan my eyes scan done and I be diagnosed with macular degeneration I've been taking hydroxychloroquine since 1998 or there abouts probably not had my eye's checked as often as should

Any way I immediately stopped the hydroxychloroquine went to see docters who passed no comment but said he would refer me to eye clinic also prescribed macushield

I see reumatoligist beginning of August be interesting to hear what she has to say but I think I will need to take a more active part in managing my health issues G

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Coincidentaly, farmerfest, I had my yearly eye test and diabetes check yesterday. I share your surprise at being told something unknown. It makes you pause. The optition told me things that she had found, but these have never been mentioned though the girl said they were longstanding conditions! A GP told me to make known to optician that I was on Plaquenil too. That was new too. I had a new prescription today and I notice I am on Quinloric instead. What was Plaquenil doing to me?

I too have my Rheumy apt next week and I shall do my best to ask all the questions I have listed. The opening gambit is usually, " have any rashes?" I have not fathomed the reason yet. But, I shall get to the bottom of this and that I have been riding the discomfort and pain in my wrists and fingers, waiting to ask about them too. I refuse to go to my GP as scant attention is paid there.

Sad, isn't it that everything is a battle with this ... Condition. Anyway, you too, can quiz your rheumy over Hydroxychloroquine and which brand you are prescribed. I am very cynical I know, but I think I smell a rat, where this tablet is concerned. Hm. Your GP did not comment, which is a big comment in my book.

Sorry to hear your news has been a shock to you. You are not alone. Others on here will share their experiences and knowledge with you.

I have no real answers yet for you, but we seem to be in a similar boat. I shall report back next week when I get some answers re tablet and eyes from Rhuemy, if I get any.

Take great care Farmfester. I hope your meds help you and you get more feedback. You are not alone.

Best wishes



Hi footy girl plaque is the goody quixotic is the baddie it has fillers that us with sle should avoid it does not agree with me but it's cheaper than plaquewinel should say that I have a double vision problem caused by optic neuritis and corrected by prisms in specs I also have a cns condition but I am fine we have a very good nurse practitioner at gp practice who keeps me in line when required g


Hi farmerfester, I was diagnosed with MD about 20yrs ago now, and the specialist who gave me the news told me I would probably lose my sight in 5yrs. As reputable as he was, my vision didn't get any worse over time. Turns out he was wrong. I went to Moorfields Eye Hospital here in London (they have a 24/7 A&E) and it was only last month I went to see a professor who told me I did not have MD, but because I had been treated with high prednisolone doses for my Lupus in the early days, this has caused the loss of central vision in my left eye. It's a relatively new discovery and is called 'chorioretinopathy central serous' and I've been reassured my vision will not get worse so long as my pred dose is under 7mg per day. I just wanted you to know this as because an optician and dr have diagnosed this disease it is not necessarily the case and you need to go to an eye hospital to get it confirmed. If and only if it is the case, they will offer plenty of help and support, not just leave you wondering what the hell is going on. I really hope all goes well for you. xx


Thanks for your replys


I also had to stop hydroxychloroquine because of Macular Degeneration.


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