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Lupus update

Hello guys. I haven't put a recent feed up for over a year as a lot have gone on in my life. Just a update for you guys. I recently had another blood test to see if my lupus was still stable. Unfortunately it have flared up again. I have now got to take a tablet called azathioprine along with my hydroxychloroquine and with all the other tabs I got to take. They have started me on the 25mg and got to have a blood test every week for the next 6 weeks. If no change in my blood count they will start to increase the dose. I am also gutted as well coz there is a chance it can effect fertility and with now being in a healthy relationship it would be a long ride if I want to conceive. I've started working now my shift pattern is different every week which don't help. I have been diagnosed now for around 2-3 years which I know it will be there for the rest of my life. If anyone have got any questions about lupus then please message me I'm here to help anyone who have got the condition or who have just been diagnosed. Take care guys.

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