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Hi all... been on these for just 3 days 75mg twice a day, feeling nauseous, slightly drunk and today have really bad aching muscles like I have done several hours in the gym also had to go back to bed for a few hours this afternoon after getting home from work luckily I was on a rare half day shift....thinking these may not be for me I can't be feeling like this, I work with children and do 12.5 hour shifts struggling most days as it is.....anyone else had these reactions

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I take p regain 150ps twice a day started with 25 g twice a day and but up to 150 a day they put me up to 600 mg a day but the side affect was me getting ready bad tempered

And using bad language so reduced to 15 twice daily gets most off the nerve pain

Stick with it for a few weeks your body should get used t it g

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Thanks for reply farmfester.......I am due to go on holiday next week dont want to feel this bad while I am away ..... plus I have 4 twelve hour shifts to do and one 7 hour shift with just 1 day off in between from tomorrow before I go on holiday .... struggled to get through a half shift on Friday felt so odd and so cant see me coping all week like that


Myself and brother-in-law were both on it for chronic spinal pain. Neither of us would touch the stuff again.


I stopped it and got in touch with my rheumatologist to tell her...she said she will discuss other medication when I see her next in July .... trial and error at first I suppose :(


Same here.. 75mg daily, for 2,5 months now. Makes work really difficult. Already got complaints from boss and colleagues. What I feel is that I'm dizzy and can't think, what they say is that there are problems with my temper :((


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