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Arranging new train tickets for Guys Hospital

Hello all,

There has been a few posts about Professor Khamasta leaving for Dubai.

Our appts have been changed and we are in the process of changing train tickets for new appt day. As we live in the northwest we booked our tickets in advance to keep cost down and now we find we have been charged admin cost of £60 plus increased ticket costs, I remembered seeing a post that somebody mentioned if our appts are changed within 6 weeks of appt date we may be able to claim this back from NHS, has anybody else done this please? If so, who did you contact. This is a lot of money for us and if we can claim back it would be a huge help as none of us are able to work at the moment with our symptoms.

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Have you ever tried Mega bus ( THE BIG BLUE BUS ) can book up to 1 hour before travel at discount rate from £1. Run by stage coach. Can't fault them myself and have a good network of pickup and drop off points around country.


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