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Trying to loose weight with antiphospholipid syndrome and hyperthyroidism

I've had apl for 15 years now (found by blood clot on brain) - also had overactive thyroid - which is being treated with tamoxifen -

I've tried various liquid diets (herbalife) and failed to loose any weight!!! I swim 3 times / week - am very active - walk a lot etc.

My triglycerides are over 300 - and my doctor thinks I'm a secret drinker/chocoholic/inactive person.

Very frustrating. Could my conditions be causing me to fail all the time???

Not giving up - because I want to improve my overall health - so am having lots of protein meals, some protein shakes, lots of exercise - and just going to see if this whole hearted approach might reap some benefits. However, I feel my health issues are slowing my metabolism down (am on bisoprolol, warfarin as well).

Any advice would be welcome.

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