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Connective tissue disease

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What does connective disease actually mean,my reumy told me,I have that with the high antibodies in my blood.

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Hi jeffscott69

I have connective tissue disease. I think it means that you have other diseases that overlap the other. For example i have sjogren,sle lupus and behcet which is a form of vasculitis.

Normally you do not have enough antiodies in your body and it is your own body that attacks you.

I am sure ppl on here will help put your mind at ease.

Are you newly diagnosed?

Yes,I haven't felt well for years,doc said I depressed,but had 4 sinus ops,not successful,on antibiotics constantly,ent said he thought it my immune system,blood got cultured,high positive anca levels and DNA ?,was then referred to reumatologist,it's connective tissue disease ?,don't know which and lupus,,still getting awful sinus infections?

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Hi Jeffscott69,

You can learn more about Mixed Connective Tissue Disease in our factsheet which you can view online at

Thankyou,I received your information pack today.


I copied this for you as I found it hard to explain

Connective tissue diseases are actually a group of medical diseases. A connective tissue disease is any disease that has the connective tissues of the body as a primary target of pathology. The connective tissues are the structural portions of our body that essentially hold the cells of the body together. These tissues form a framework, or matrix, for the body. The connective tissues are composed of two major structural protein molecules, collagen and elastin. There are many different types of collagen protein that vary in amount in each of the body's tissues. Elastin has the capability of stretching and returning to its original length, like a spring or rubber band. Elastin is the major component of ligaments (tissues that attach bone to bone) and skin. In patients with connective tissue diseases, it is common for collagen and elastin to become injured by inflammation.

Many connective tissue diseases feature abnormal immune system activity with inflammation in tissues as a result of an immune system that is directed against one's own body tissues (autoimmunity).

Diseases in which inflammation or weakness of collagen tends to occur are also referred to as collagen diseases. Collagen vascular disease is a somewhat antiquated term used to describe diseases of the connective tissues that typically include diseases that can be (but are not necessarily) associated with blood vessel abnormalities.

I hope this helps a little

Thankyou so much

Hi I'm glad you posted,im in same position as you also had sinus surgery still numerous sinus infections. Hugh antibodies for me uctd also connective tissue discease. A overlap if lupus raynaunds syndrome dairy sinus rinsing,nasal spray help alot.

Thankyou,sinus infections are awful,smell is foul,often when I am get nose clear,it is A huge lump of green sticky glue like stuff that comes down,just feel miserable with it.

Aww,sorry hear that. It's kinda same as me.have rhinitis allergic type so that caused swelling then congestion gets stuck same as you..the sinus rinsing helps get stuck congestion out do twice day like warm boiled water sinus rinse sachet. Ent recommend them they prescribed one kit before surgery and one for post surgery.which I now buy gp not allowed prescribe it due costs.

Take care

You might also like to join Vasculitis UK HealthUnlocked because of your sinus problems and positive ANCA. Vasculitis is also an autoimmune/ connective tissue disease which can affect people's sinuses and nerves as well as skin. Many people have overlap on this and the Vasculitis communities. I have RA, Hashimoto's with Sjogrens, Raynaud's and other bits and pieces. I use four HU communities but only this one and NRAS regularly.

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Jeffscott69 in reply to

Thankyou so much

Thank you, yes I recently researched more also found link between vascultis and sinus problem.

Get mild vascultis myself.

How is that treated any symptoms associated with this connective tissue disease

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