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Very sad lately

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time lately. I've been a blubbering baby and I don't know why! I cry for no reason. I suppose with these type of diseases it comes with the territory. I wonder if the anxiety would ease up once I received a diagnosis? It's been so long since I've been ill and I just wanna know why?? Stomach has really been on the fritz too and a lot of joint pain, insomnia! I miss my hot yoga sessions so much! I'm mourning the loss of my old life and trying to accept the 'new normal'. It's so hard, confusing and frustrating!

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i think we all go through feeling really sad.....i end up angry because i try not to let on to anyone when i feel like crying and take it out on the wrong people.

Just remember its OK to feel low, its a big change to our lives. and especially when your in pain and no one else can see it.

try and see something happy in every day.

do you have people around you that understand?


My boyfriend is very supportive. He has chronic pain too so we just lean on each other. I see the sunrise on my way to work every morning so it is the one thing that keeps me pushing forward and staying positive. It's just hard as you know. My mind says go ride your bike for 5 miles and my body says no way! I was a dance instructor for a long time and to half to give up my passion for an illness is hard too.


Ha, thats how i feel with going to the gym. its hard when you could do it before. im still in the mindset of i will get back there, maybe thats wrong, who knows.

at least you have someone close to you that understands the pains that we get....its hard for people around me to truly understand something they cant see.

you commented on my post about a smoothie in the mornings? whats in it?




1tsp turmeric

1tsp ginger

1tbsp peanut or almond butter

2hand full of berries

Almond milk-unsweetened

Half banana

Turmeric is great for inflammation which in turn helps with pain!


Hi tsizzle,

It is understandable why you would be experiencing these feelings whilst being unwell and facing the uncertainty and confusion prior to a diagnosis.

Have you discussed these feelings with your GP? You may find that some talking therapy or counselling could help you with these emotions?

With regards to trying to get a diagnosis, where are you currently at? Have you been referred to a rheumatologist?


Had appointment with rheumy, first test Ana was high and positive, second was negative. She referred me to gastro doc for tummy issues. Gave me steroids and said see u in 2 months, which is confusing. Sending me home with a week of meds but not seeing me back to see if they were effective? I feel like I've been through the ringer with these docs. I only trust my gyno and I see her in June. Was hoping she might have some pointers!


It's understandable to be going through feelings of sadness and loss. Getting a new diagnosis is a real journey and it takes you through difficult emotions. It takes time to come to terms with your new perspective and to face new limitations. It's a good idea to talk to people about how you are feeling and not to bottle it up. I also have a book where I write and write how I feel (so as not to go on at my husband too much!) which I find helpful.

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Good idea about the writing! Been awhile since I broke out my journal! Everyone's courage on here is very inspiring🌼

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Depression and anxiety are symptoms of the condition and are often used as part of the diagnosis


Resilience/patience/tolerance/compassion/inner will cope and are human...we have these attributes and many more...


I know this is crazy, but I went to the shelter and rescued an adult dog, I saved him and he has saved me. Always by my side, understands good and bad, and asks nothing more than live, food and occasional ham bone. I was so depressed and blubbering and resentful, and not to say I never had a day since he came here, but they are few and far between. He gives me hope when I have lost mine.


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