Has anyone on here ever been diagnosed with polymyalgia? I have just about all of the symptoms except for that I am not elderly. I go to rheumatologist in a couple weeks and I have no idea what to expect and am a little nervous about the process of them trying to find out what's wrong. The stiffness is crazy and I can barely walk when I get out of bed or after I am seated. Takes awhile to warm up but my back hurts all of the time. When I stretch it's very painful. Especially in my back, butt, and thighs. Sucks feeling old when I'm not! Tired all of the time and never feel rested. :(

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  • Hi my doc thought thsta what i had. Sent me to a rheumatologist n she said i was to young im 44 so im awaitin mri scan now hve the symptoms u r hving its not nice at all!

  • Hi, I am definitely sick of the muscle issues and like you I'm not terribly old I'm only 40. So they will be doing an MRI on you so they can see deeper into your muscles? I hope you get some answers soon too.. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

  • You don't have to be old to have PMR. It is any muscle pain linked to arthritic diseases or Lupus. I have lupus and PMR.

  • OK, thank you for the reply. They took blood and tested for lupus and that seems to come back normal but there are a couple tests that they haven't ran yet. I have a funky rash on my face and everything else that seems to go with it so hope the rheumatologist has an answer for me when I go see him on the 10th. Is there a blood test they do for PMR?

  • If not satisfied with the answers get another Rheumatologist that will do more structured testing. Your symptoms espc with the rash sound like lupus or a variant. Keep searching.

  • They can test CRP for inflammation, but it's more about your level of pain and discomfort with your muscles.

    Good luck though.

    Remember, just because you don't have a label, doesn't mean you're not ill.

  • That is one that I actually had them test for and it was high, way out of range. They didn't do a sed rate which someone I know says they should check. Maybe they will when I go in next. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated! :)

  • I had the esr test too n that was high yet the rhematologists consultant said no ijust cant undastand it at all coz i hve all the symptoms of it i take paracetamol, naproxen and tramadol n now on amitripyline to sleep! Hopefully mri will show more now hve app next friday! X

  • I don't have too bad a problem with sleep just sometimes my back pain wakes me up but I still do not feel rested when I wake from 8-9 hours of sleep. The main problem I have is trying to get limbered up after sleeping or sitting. Muscles are so painful. My husband gave me a back rub last night and when I woke today it felt like someone had beaten me in those areas. It's the craziest thing. Hope you get some answers Friday I have to wait till the 10th. :(

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