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Nasty GP

I've written previous posts about my difficulties re my daughter and I. After 2 complaints due to lack of help for symptoms For myself and daughter from Carlisle rheumy and GP, I saw prof ***** in London through referral from another Dr. I was diagnosed with lupus first, then Carlisle rheumy contacted ***** who then changed his diagnosis to uctd. After illness in February GP diagnosed polymyalgia rheumatica. I had been trying to get my daughter referred to ***** despite GP lying to me about her kidney results. I got the referral after seeing an MP. Last appt with ***** he retracted my dx by follow up letter and when he saw my daughter he ignored abnormal kidney results and said her kidneys were fine (x Ray vision it appears), said he did not need her medical records, ignored 26 photos, wrote an incorrect write up of this appt and then told me he was sorry if I was disappointed my daughter did not have lupus! The GP had been in contact with *****. I found out later that GP has written on her records that I have fabricated her symptoms (no doubt to cover themselves after no help given to me for 14 yrs) and their knowledge that I was unhappy about their care. After a serious car accident in July my daughter was refused help on two occasions and now has numbness and repeated loss of feeling in both legs. Her water sample was ' lost' on handover in hospital and not repeated and a Dr told her that even if they'd found blood in it they would still discharge her. The list is endless but the fabrication of symptoms dx has ensured my daughter will not get help even after a car accident. After being ill in March I had esr of 38, protein blood and leucocytes in urine.(on call Dr) Gp denied the blood and appears to have placed the same fabrication of symptoms on me which would explain why 4 Drs couldn't dx a broken rib despite looking at an x Ray with coughing up blood etc. This surgery has caused horrendous damage to my family.

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Hi, you need to go to the specialist and explain how you are being treated and also back to MP, or even consider changing GP practice, this is clearly not good enough, have other patients rated the surgery via NHS choices? Or you could try contacting this: When you contact them, explain 'Mary' suggested it due to the serious nature of it. MaryF


Last time I complained about a Dr, the next day both me and my son had a letter from the surgery striking us both off! My son had never been seen by the surgery, so we had to register miles away by bus on the condition I never called them out at night so I always ended up catching a taxi to the nearest A&E in an emergency. I am lucky as now moved and the new practice I am now with are excellent


I would say find another GP but your notes will follow you, you could report this GP to qcc { quality care commission }

I do feel for you I have many symptoms of lupus and have had for many years Doctors and physiotherapists have seen me with the rash on my face and the purple bruising on my arms neck and face but because lupus did not show up in my blood test the jumped up consultant has put all symptoms down to steroids even though they started before the steroids. One day I will have a random blood test and it will show up I will then ask my GP for a copy of the results wrap them around a brick and use them as a suppository on this jumped up consultant,


Feel your pain onamission. I recently had a gp tell me that even though the sono report says I may have scarred kidneys doesn't mean I do. I had protein and blood in urine. Not since I started taking a daily cranberry supplement. I also had same gp tell me that a positive ANA doesn't mean I have lupus. Test shows negative ANA because I choose to treat myself now. Most drs are not qualified to practice in my book. So sorry for your troubles....very unfair..


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