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Amongst other illnesses i have now been diagnosed with severe arterial disease and due to speedy diagnosis I have had stents fitted to both legs which has made it easier in some respects to walk but unfortuneately I am more aware of the fybromyalgia which is treated at the moment by Pregabalin I have difficulty in getting shoes that stop the inevitable pain and resort to slipper socks. The real problem is when I drive some thing more sudstantial is required. Does anyone have any suggestion anyone have an idea of solution to this problem?

For years I had the pain lupus causes but its now a matter of the illnesses that comes with it.

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hello, have you looked at the Cosyfeet site, they have a really good selection of shoes and socks for swollen feet Dose not help the pain I'm afraid, but might help with driving. I wear Crocs all the time, they have their own website, and are wide and comfy. Hope you find a solution to this problem soon as its miserable when your feet and legs are painful, best wishes.


Dear Vas,

In the U.S., if a doctor write a prescription for "special need shoes, " i.e., for neurapathy in your feet, you can get them at certain stores for free. I don't know much abou the UK's requirements, but that's what they are in the US. Lupus has so many different "faces." It's amazing what we are vulnerable to. I had a simple cut on my leg and it developed into cellulitis. I hope you find your solution. Good luck!


Hi are you driving a manual car or automatic? When I first started with arterial disease but was unaware of it, the pain in my legs was horrendous. Holding the clutch pedal in to change gears, and holding the car on a Hill was agony. So reluctantly I swapped to an automatic and it was the best thing I ever did. I know this post is an old one, so I hope 🤞 this message gets to you. X


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