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Dizziness, irregular heart beat, pain in legs and thighs?

Hi all, do any of you suffer from random bouts of dizziness, light headedness, weakness and irregular/raid heart beat? And pain in legs when standing?

My dialostic blood pressure is low when this happens, but the systolic is always ok. My GP doesn't really care, but its a really horrible feeling. I feel as if I'm about to faint, and often go blank as if my brains just been turned off for a second and my ears ring louder (louder because they are constantly ringing lately)

When standing I also get the strangest painful sensation in my legs, it feels as if the blood rushing to my legs is going to make my veins burst. My veins actually hurt! If I didn't feel it so often I'd think I dreamt it up, as it feels so strange. On top of this I get very strange twinges and pain deep in my thigh muscle.

Thanks all! K x

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I get the dizziness etc but not the legs. The dizziness, in the vast majority of times, herald a migraine for me, so I usually rush to take Migraleve or 2 Paracetamol, to stop it take hold. The dizziness goes away within about half hour to an hour from taking the tablets. I have silent migraines sometimes, I.e. No headache, just the rest of the symptoms. Have you checked with your neuro?


Hi K, Get another opinion. I also have Lupus and other conditions as well. I had a blockage from a blood clot in my lower aorta at the bifitcation. The pain in my legs were horrible when standing walking etc. then the pain was also in my feet. I cried all night and my hubby took me to the hospital. Thank goodness because I was on the verge of losing my legs. My right leg had only 5% blood flow and the left 15%. I waited oh too long they said. Good luck but please don't wait like I did.


Goodness me, each time we think we've heard it all about this awful disease, new things come up. I have pain in my hips and lower back that radiates to the thighs. I'm hoping it is because of inflammation, not blood clot - your post has certainly made me think!


I take a vitamin B12 supplement (methylcobalmin) from the health food shop which has really helped with my dizziness and wobbliness. you cant take too much B12 as any your body doesn't need you just 'wee'out! . I'd really recommend.

Hope you feel better soon



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