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Terrified & Pregnant

Hi all, I'm really excited to announce that I'm finally pregnant after deciding a year ago that we wanted a baby. I'm now terrified every day that something is going to go wrong and I'm so scared for my 7 week scan which isn't until the start of January. I'm so scared that there won't be a heart beat. Can anyone who has been through the same give me some advice please.


Paula x

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Congratulations. This is a normal worry that most woman feel, regardless of any illness and unfortunately last until baby arrives! Try to relax and enjoy being pregnant. X


Congratulations lovely news, I see from your previous post that you had been diagnosed with Hughes syndrome too people with Hughes syndrome usually have Clexane and Asprin to improve the blood flow to the placenta. I am not a Doctor so you would have to check this.

Please look at the Hughes syndrome web site where you will get lots of information on this.

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Congratulations - and please don't panic; the last thing you need is to get stressed out. We'll be waiting for news of the scan next month!


Congratulations! If you post on the Hughes Syndrome forum here on HealthUnlovked you should get good advice re Hughes and pregnancy. Make sure you are being monitored by specialists in Hughes and Lupus. Very best wishes.


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