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SLE and sclerosis

My husband precious was diagnosed with Rheiters syndrome. It had been in remission since 2004 . Just this month he was diagnosed with SLE, sclerosis and Renaulds syndrome. This is all new to us not sure what to expect. He is 59 and. Ot a complainer. He can't hardly dress himself he is so stiff and in so much pain. How long will this last ? He has been on meds including methotrexate for about 1.5 weeks and starts an iv infusion binlystal next week. It breaks my heart to see him in this pain.

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Hi Predden2003,

Would you like me to send you one of our free lupus information packs? Just send me a private message or email with your name and address and I'll pop one in the post for you.


Hello predden. I'm very much feeling for you. Paul's lupus UK info packs are very helpful, both to patients & their family + friends...I know because lupus UK literature & the video helped my family & friends a lot 4 years ago when my lupus was finally diagnosed after years being treated for other conditions.

I hope you're finding some comfort in the good news that your husband's doctors are working on better understanding the causes of his health problems + these drs are starting him on meds that hopefully will help him feel better as soon as poss. my experience is that our meds can gradually help us feel better... with improvements in our conditions sometimes being noticed over a few weeks and becoming even more noticeable as the months pass. But Paul's lupus UK info pack will explain this better than I can

Take care


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