Hi everyone. Hope you're all feeling ok today. Well haven't been on here for a long time now. Feels like I just don't have time. But now I'm on maternity leave after having my beautiful daughter who is now 11 weeks old. My pregnancy went really well but just wondered if any other mothers suffered after pregnancy? I seem to be having lots of back pain but not sure if this is just down to lifting my chunky monkey.

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

I too had a bad back after having my son. I think it was from holding him and having him up over my shoulder all the time. I also prefered holding him on one side, and in one arm which I'm sure doesn't help.

Hope it gets better soon.



Thanks Jo


Hay not sure about back pains I'm 36 weeks pregnent at moment and suffring from joint ake and had a minior flear to, see what happens after iv had baby.


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