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Totally unsure !!

Hi lately I have been suffering a lot not sure if it's from my fibro or lupus.. Spent 2 weeks in hosp with my body taking full muscle spasms was very hard an sore even getting to the point of passing out being sick with that much pain, I could then sleep 4 hours after these happen! Sitting at home then once these started to settle an my face fell couldn't speak my left side of my body was so 2 move was rushed into hosp and treated 4 a stroke, thankfully the tests were done and it wasn't a stroke. But this has happened again since the 1st time an incase it was ever a stroke I have to be rushed into hosp.. Waiting now to see a neuro doc but god only nos wen that will be! I woke yesterday to my left arm being very sore an hard to move. Has anyone out there ever suffered like this?? am seriously at my wits end , as u can imagine my mood can get very low with all this happening !

Ruth xx

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I spent many days in hospital after sudden complete loss of body mobility, though the left side did feel worse (& always the worst ever since). My movement slowly returned over about 10 hours, also had and have muscle spasms and pain, amongst other symptoms, felt very unwell.

I was in a Neurology Ward for observation and tests. They didn't do the tests (seem to lose all interest upon my mobility returning, despite many other symptoms), been going on a while.

Observation...... just temperature & blood pressure.

To cut a long story short, they couldn't determine a diagnosis so bombed me off clinic. This was a few years ago.

Since then, diagnosed with CFS/FM/ME/Athrophy Thyroid & other.

Dr still trying to test accordingly.

Have you had cortisol checked, MRI brain, full bloods, spinal scan etc? Usual/good places to start under the circumstances .



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