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airing my feelings

hi all im a posting this here as i believe my symptoms are more those of lupus than fibro but could be one of many things.i need answers btu still not getting them.where I crashed out at 9 last night,was woken at 12.30 by Annie wanting to go outside.then back to sleep til 4.00am .

thinking i need to know what is causing bone(growth) deformity and swelling.bone growth is in brow bone.nasal bones,elbows(?)and feet.swelling is from head to toe,brow,tongue.neck ,upper chest,arms(wrists-CTS?)hands,stomach.pelvic bone area,knees,calves,ankles and feet.

there are many reasons fro a swollen abdomen and none considered by my gp except that he said IBS in a letter (nothing verbally)to DWP.

i know i ve been diagnosed with diverticular disease and a hiatus hernia which shouldhave been investigated 2 years ago.gps keep giving me meds fro IBS( based on my own gps assumption when i have said i have never had symptoms of IBS-)never once complained of bowel problems ie diarrheoa or constipation.)but they have had no effect on reducing stomach.

my appointment with my gp has been changed from 19th to 26th november cos my gp is at a meeting.should i wait til then or see the other gp ?oh i forgot to mention the persistent pelvic pain and swelling.due for smear on 11th but know i wont be able to deal with it as soooooooooooooooooooo painful .

just washed -cannot shower-and sitting here at desk -pelvic pain is severe.goign to try and get back to bed before dogs wake and want out.

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If your gp has got fixed ideas about you into his head now then it is probably worth seeing another from the practice - who may bring a fresh take. Although I say "fresh" but of course they will be mindful of what their colleague has written on your notes. But nevertheless you don't want to have these kind of symptoms without a real answer and, personally speaking, I hate feeling fobbed off and never assume that doctors always know the answers - gps are generalists and autoimmune diseases are rare and it usually takes specialists and technology (imaging) to rule serious things out.

I have my first neurology appointment on the 26th and it feels a long way off to me!


that is exactly how it is.whatever he puts in my notes be it the truth or not,other gps i may see will go on what he has gp i saw recently made me see red cos she went on about me understanding what she was saying and her not accepting what i was tellign her.good luck with your appointment .my gp one is also on 26th -which they changed from 19th .my experience of consultants is the same -not accepting what you tell them and them voging on about stuff which is not hteir concern


Why is it so many people with Lupus have problems getting diagnosed I know it does not always show up in the blood but who knows they might start paying GP's £55.00 for every person they diagnose with Lupus like they get if they diagnose people with Alzheimer's. I do feel for people like the lady who posted a few days ago it took her 17 years to get diagnosed surely it is best to get treatment as soon as possible this would help prevent the condition from getting worse.

It makes you wonder if these GP's are given strict guide lines to follow I have been suffering many symptoms of Lupus for many years I'm at the stage now where I'm thinking they might find it in a random blood test one day.


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