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Lupus rash???

Hi all so yesterday I was working n my face started to get real itchy, this went on for ages n when I looked in the mirror I had a red rash under my 2 eyes, it was burning hot n as I say itchy, would this be lupus rash? I had real bad week last week but blood results came back all normal, I have had lupus for 3 years now but never had a rash! Id be thankful of any feedback :) x

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Hi ive had lupus for 8 years and get bad flareups and my whole body gets covered in a itchy rash my face to currently taking steriods.


Hi Wilmaknox

I have now suffered extremely itchy rash for more than 2 years and about 3 months ago - they identified as Lupus in biopsy.

I am on Plaquenil 2 X 200 mg per day. I am not sure it is helping. Itchy rash continues and I feel like scratching all the time.


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