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Sulfasalazine drug - thoughts??

Hey. Is any body taking Sulfasalzine tablets at all? Im due to start them next week, but want to know what other people think of these tablets? I have lupus SLE and RA, also Hughes Syndrome and Raynauds. I have been on rituximab infusions for the last 3 years but it seems to not have much affect on me now.

Please anyone let me know what you think of this drug Sulfasalzine.

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Hi I take this. Have done for over a year. It's been Ok. Taken pain off bit. Have to go for regular blood tests. I do get very sore mouth regularly. Which I think is side affect. Also some sharp stabbing pains in my head I think are related but nothing debilitating. I can live with them. Especially seeing as it makes other pains bit better. Good luck hope they work for u x


People are different, but I found the sulfasalazine worked well for me at least in the time I used it -it didn't stay effective for long. I had reactions to the methotrexate and plaquenil but tolerated the sulf just fine. I felt almost like my old self on it, so I would say it is worth a try, In theory it may boost rituximabs function if you cannot tolerate methotextrate so worth a try, surely.


Thanks. I had a bad reaction on methortrexate, im on plaq still but dont find it makes any difference. I was on rhutiximab infusions for last 3 years and thought it was brilliant, but think after a while you get immuned and they stop working. I might give these new tablets ago and see how i get on with them.


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