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Swelling driving me mad!

Hello my lovely fellow lupies! I am writing to see if anyone has the same problem as me and what I can do to fix it. Lately my left eye lid has become really swollen some days are worse than others and this week it's been particularly bad and people saying I have one eye smaller than the other. I went to see the GP (she's new and clearly knew very little about lupus) and told me that I might of had an allergic reaction to something and to keep an eye on it. I asked if it was due to my lupus and she said it's very unlikely and to speak to my rhemy next time I go. I left feeling a bit deflated and thought an early night might help but today I've woken up and it's virtually swollen shut. Not really sure what to do now and wondered if anyone had this problem as well if so did anything help to reduce the swelling and least to the point where I look "normal". Thanks everyone hope you all have a lovely weekend xxx

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I have trouble opening my eyes in the morning. Eye doctor told me to clean my eyes and eyelashes real good before going to bed (my sister suggested Johnson's baby shampoo), put a towel on my pillow. He said it was allergies, not lupus. Interesting. I did it one night and my eyes were better in the morning. I just keep forgetting to do this routine every night. Maybe try it. Good luck, hope you find some help.


Hi Fairydus11, I know where you are coming from this happens to me but gets so bad that I look like I have been beaten up. I wish I could post a picture as mine started with my mouth swelling I went to a &e to be told it's an allergic reaction by the next morningi couldn't open my left eye and my nose was huge too. My sister's thought it was hilarious but it took over a week to go down. I was on a plane once and by the time we landed again my mouth looked like I had been punched!!!! To this day I do not know why it happens but it has got worse least now I can hide away now I've stopped working. Going to my gp was a waste of time as she claimed not to notice any difference!!!!!! Then I was told it was my lipgloss (it wasn't). My swellings happen at random times of day not just upon waking.

A question for you when this happens to you does your eyelid look red and very sore? As my facial swellings are like this. If you find out if this is lupus related please let me know.

Good luck I hope it doesn't get any worse for you but a bit of advice is to carry antihistamines everywhere you go just to be safe xXxX


Thank you so much! I was beginning to feel like it was just me. It's just so swful because like you say you can't hide it and it does look like you have been punched! I will keep in touch and let you knw how I get on thanks again :-) xxxx


I suffer from swollen eyelid, varying degrees. When it happens the areas closer to the bridge of my nose get very dark too. I have noticed they are worse on my worsened days (often


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