Hey all

I know lupus can affect the kidneys so just wanted to see what others experiences are... I've had pain in my side / back for a week now... Just been to the doctors and he tested my urine... It's showing up with traces of blood and leukocytes.

I've got to pee in another pot in the morning so they can send it to a lab. Eek! Does anyone know if this sounds lupus related or just an infection?

Thank you xx


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8 Replies

  • Had blood in my urine. Found some scarring on kidneys....was told done by constant UTIs my whole life. UTIs seemed to be getting all the time. My sister also has same problem. On antibiotics constantly. Take a couple of cranberry supplements daily and seem to have under control for over a year now. Thank goodness the cranberry is working. Hopefully, just an infection...which I believe happens to lupus people. Take care..should be treatable with antibiotics.

  • Sounds like maybe infection natal1a, or kidney stone. Do you have pelvic pain? I wonder why he did not get you started on antibiotics right away, maybe if you drink lots of water before tomorrow test, it will be cleared. Sometimes you just have to wash it out. A kidney stone could cause pain in side and back and cause blood in urine. Good luck with your pee tomorrow.

  • You dont always get pain with kidney problems. It is sometimes silent when the kidneys go bad. Pain often comes from some sort of inflammation or infection. But the tests will help to highlight what exactly is causing it.

    With lupus because kidneys can be involved they should do regular checking.

  • Agree with drinking loads of water. And if the kidneys are involved stop drinking carbonated drinks. You have to do all you can to help rather than hinder the kidneys

  • I had no pain or syptoms at all and my kidney function was 44%

  • Hello, if you have Lupus, anything related to the kidneys should be investigated. I had kidney trouble for years which was ignored by medics and it resulted in a kidney transplant 4 years ago. I was unlucky but I don't want you to be so be very vigilant. Everyone gets simple urine infections now and then so hopefully that's all it is. Good luck and keep healthy!

  • I had the same problem pain in the back had urine test found blood and started me straight away on antibiotics and doctor told me it's part of Lupus and needs to be checked regularly

  • I still feel crappy... Am considering staying off work today as my side really hurts and I feel sick and drained but I don't want to be over dramatic.

    If it is a kidney infection, I wonder why the doctor hasn't started me on antibiotics... In the meantime I have to suffer while I wait for the test results

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