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Crochet Butterflies for LUPUS UK Awareness Month

Crochet Butterflies for LUPUS UK Awareness Month

I've not been on here for a long while, as Lupies you will all know the reasons why :0) x

I have been over the past 18 months going through some intense Chemotherapy treatment and still undergoing a continued Immune Suppressant treatment plan. (ILD, Fibrosis & Myositis)

On my good days I have been focused on the positive things in life and this is one of them!

Crochet Butterflies for LUPUS UK Awareness Month.

If you fancy something to take your mind off Lupie things ( and there are a lot of things to take your mind off) feel free to join in the fun!

Best wishes all x


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Hi Bailey

The butterfly is so pretty. I hope your Lupus Treatment works well for you, sounded very gruelling!.X


Hi BaileyD,

Your butterfly is brilliant! It looks really lovely! I got back into crotchet recently ( just a ripple blanket to date!) but I think I will take up the butterfly trail! Did you make up your pattern? Lots of concentration there!

I'm really sorry to hear of your battle with chemo and all your other treatments....I'm amazed that you still are able to get stuck into your crotchet ... I hope you are soon stable and things settle down... With best wishes xx


What a lovely idea and so beautiful too. Well done! Xxx


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